Ji Chul Kim

JCKPostdoctoral Fellow, Music Dynamics Laboratory

E-mail:  jichulkim21(at)gmail(dot)com
Web:  www.tonaldynamics.com

Curriculum Vitae





Dr. Kim is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Music Dynamics Lab at University of Connecticut. He studied physics and music theory at Seoul National University, South Korea and obtained a PhD degree in music theory and cognition at Northwestern University. He is also a research scientist at Oscilloscape, a software company based in East Hartford, CT.


Dr. Kim’s research areas include music cognition, music theory, auditory modeling, computational neuroscience, and dynamical systems. In music theory and cognition, his primary interest is the perceptual and cognitive basis for music-theoretical concepts and analytic procedures, especially those related to tonal and melodic structures. He attempts to explain subjective experiences and intuitions attributed to tonal-metrical music in terms of the dynamical but mostly unconscious process of perceptual organization. He is also working on computational modeling of music perception based on a nonlinear dynamical systems approach to auditory processing. For this line of research, he and his colleagues develop gradient frequency neural network models of auditory processing and perception.

To find out more about his research and publications, please visit www.tonaldynamics.com.