Alumni & Affiliates

Recent Graduates

Parker Tichko Ph.D. 2019
Parker Tichko is currently post-doctoral fellow at Northeastern University. His research interests include infant music perception and cognition, experience-dependent auditory plasticity, and dynamic models of human cognition and development. He’s also a composer and producer who likes to tweak old analog synths and compose string quartets.

Karl Lerud, Ph.D. 2019
Karl’s research was focused in nonlinear dynamics, and the explanatory power it can give to auditory neurophysiological and psychological processes. In particular, he studies and models the psychophysics of pitch and tonality perception, as well as their neural bases in the auditory brainstem.

Dameon Harrell, Ph.D. 2019
Dameon is currently a researcher at the Herman Darrow Human Neuroscience Lab at the University of Minnesota. Their lab studies the mood, behavior, and cognition brain networks involved in people living with motor disorders, psychiatric disorders, and chronic pain. You can check out their lab website here.

Charles Wasserman, M.S. 2018
Charlie’s research in the Music Dynamics Lab focused on experimental testing of neural entrainment/synchronization to complex rhythms by analyzing steady-state and frequency following responses to these rhythms using Electroencephalography (EEG). He also investigated neural oscillatory coding of statistical elements of sound, and how biofeedback/neurofeedback techniques could be used to manipulate/enhance auditory perception and processing in clinical populations.