Graduate Students

Yi Wei







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Yi is interested in the relationship between rhythmic ability and language skills in both non-clinical and clinical populations (i.e., patients with non-fluent aphasia and developmental dyslexia). Her research examines this relationship at both the behavioral and neural levels using sMRI and high density EEG. She is also interested in how to improve rhythm-based music therapy techniques that are currently being used within these populations.

Lana Delasanta




Lana’s research is primarily focused on the interpersonal perception and action dynamics that are present during group music making. She is currently collaborating with the McMaster University LIVE Lab in Canada to investigate the dynamics that are present during group drumming using our adapted Kuramoto model. Additionally, Lana is investigating how different manipulations of visual and tactile coupling during singing affects both the perception of and actions during performance using auditory and physiological measures. Apart from research related to music, Lana is also interested in the theoretical basis of group dynamics as they relate to social action and cohesion from an ecological systems perspective.