Charles S. Wasserman




Charles S. Wasserman

Ph.D. Student,

Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut

Music Dynamics Laboratory- University of Connecicut.






Current Researches and Interests:

I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Language & Cognition.  My current research in the Music Dynamics Lab focuses on experimental testing of Neural Resonance Theory including neural entrainment/synchronization to complex rhythms by analyzing steady-state and frequency following responses to these rhythms using electroencephalography (EEG).  I am also interested in neural population coding of statistical elements of sound, and how biofeedback/neurofeedback techniques could be used to manipulate/enhance auditory perception and processing.

Awards and Recognitions: 



Wasserman, C., & Segool, N. (2013). Working in and with noise: The impact of audio environment on attention. Journal of Neurotherapy, 17(4), 203-212.